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It is a violation of human rights when people are beaten or killed because of their sexual orientation, or because they do not conform to cultural norms about how men and women should look or behave. It is a violation of human rights when governments declare it illegal to be gay, or allow those who harm gay people to go unpunished. It is a violation of human rights when lesbian or transgendered women are subjected to so-called corrective rape, or forcibly subjected to hormone treatments, or when people are murdered after public calls for violence toward gays, or when they are forced to flee their nations and seek asylum in other lands to save their lives. And it is a violation of human rights when life-saving care is withheld from people because they are gay, or equal access to justice is denied to people because they are gay, or public spaces are out of bounds to people because they are gay. No matter what we look like, where we come from, or who we are, we are all equally entitled to our human rights and dignity.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (via i-would-fly-3500miles-for-you)

as blogged by my hubby in americaland moving forward for the equal rights of everyone and be free from predjudice for loving the same sex.

and all this speech makes u hungry cake for all as made by me on my page anyways

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HERES THE PINK & BLACK 4 TIER 18TH BIRTHDAY CAKE I DID, for a friends 18th bday. She asked me for pink and blac heres what i came up with 

the leapardskin and stripes are printed on icing also done by me on my printer ( i sell these in different patterns on ebay ) and sugar shoe made from sugar and decorations. bday girl loved it yay

an Adam pastryguy creation


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ANOTHER SELECTION OF EGG FREE,  and some VEGAN  CUPCAKES FOR A RECENT CAKE  of 20 cupcakes. flavours include, orange, lemon, cola, vanilla, toffee, mint and banana cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake and apple cake. With buttercream frosting the non vegan part and marshmallows  also carrot cake.



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